Solar Resource

Key knowledge for successful development & operation

Solar resource represents the “fuel” input for all solar projects and the reliability of its estimate is a crucial element for the viability of projects. Even though it comes for free, the prediction of its occurrence over a >20 year project life is a specialist task.

In particular in emerging solar markets, often characterized by a lower accuracy of satellite-data, actual measurement of data on the project site is important to define the realistic site-specific solar resource.


Suntrace is independent from satellite-data providers, and thus will utilize most appropriate data for projects for each project location and development phase to support the project. Highest quality results proven by independent, internationally acknowledged experts will provide highest credibility for financing institutions.

Suntrace capabilities cover the complete range and can accompany projects along the development process, and our modular concept enables to utilize our expertise wherever applicable:

  • Initial solar resource screening: initial evaluation of solar resource data based on publicly available and in-house data for early stage evaluation of candidate sites.
  • Solar resource assessment: assessment of solar resource data based on site-specific satellite time-series, preparation of typical meteorological year (TMY) for first development steps & basic engineering of a power plant project.
  • On-site measurement stations and services: Suntrace offers complete measurement campaigns or parts of the related services:

    • Supply and installation of measurement stations
    • Remote operation and maintenance including daily data download
    • Data quality control, analysis and related reporting
    • Measurement stations are typically configured as automatic weather stations, but individually for PV, CPV or CSP projects, depending on specific requirements (e.g. horizontal, inclined, tracked-systems, GHI & DNI, weather data)



  • Solar resource expert opinions: extended and detailed assessment on solar resource and meteorological data, defining a site characteristic “Typical Meteorological Year (TMY)”, based on long-term satellite based time series and on-site measurements, with analysis of probabilities (e.g. P50, P70, P90) The report and data will be bankable, an essential requirement for financing of projects.

  • Expert advisory: Suntrace can provide advise ranging from a briefing of staff in specifics of solar resource assessment for PV and CSP projects up to full scale support of developers and investors in evaluation of projects (M&A, due diligence, etc.)

  • Regional or country analysis: country studies are utilizing information based on our rich data base and tools implemented in a Geo Information System (GIS) to support “Greenfield” development of solar projects.




  • Solar mapping: Generation of solar maps reflecting GHI and/or DNI, combining satellite-data calibrated and validated against ground-based measurements, quality control of measurement data. Generation of GIS-maps in support to site selection







  • HelioScale - Measurement Solutions for Solar Radiation: Suntrace GmbH and Wilmers Messtechnik GmbH have decided to cooperate on meteorological measurements for solar power plants. We have international experience in the measurement and assessment of solar radiation and energy yields for large-scale solar projects, and Wilmers has many years of experience in the construction of wind measuring stations. Together, we have jointly developed the HelioScale measuring systems. For more information please visit: www.HelioScale.com.