Technology & Engineering

Technology and Economics are substantial for a successful project. A techno-economic evaluation will build the foundation for each project, bringing all aspects into relation from the very beginning.
Suntrace combines in-depth understanding of technologies and economics with hands-on project experience in engineering, development and financing. We know the requirements and hurdles for large-scale power projects to reach a bankable project status and achieve financial closure.

Technical Competences

  • Technology evaluation – solar, storage and hybrid solutions

  • Conceptual engineering – design of project-specific technical concept

  • Performance simulation – energy yield prediction for tailor-made plant layout, reflecting site-specific solar data (TMY) based on established software tools and sophisticated and validated in-house solutions for CSP.  [Read more]

  • Permit Engineering – reflects the technical concept regarding permit applications (e.g. EIA, grid access, construction)

  • Due Diligence / Lenders Independent Engineer



Economic Competences

  • Assessment of commercial conditions - Country specifics, (regulatory framework, revenue, inflation, country spread, FX-risk & hedge), Structure of financing (terms & conditions: interest, margins, tenor, DSCR, etc.)

  • Assessment of project cost and expenses - Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), Operational Expenditure (OPEX), Debt service, reserve accounts and dividends

  • Financial modeling – based on validated in-house tools for initial calculations or on basis of an auditable model for due diligence



Feasibility Analysis and Techno-Economic Optimization

  • Techno-economic optimization – combining technical and economic work streams in a circular process. Sensitivities of technical configurations and respective energy yields are reflected on the financial yield and thus can be optimized.  [Read more]

  • Feasibility Analysis – holistic assessment of a project, reflecting market conditions, project site, permit & authorization process, technical concept and economic results.  [Read more]