We assist in all phases of the project development chain: origination, feasibility, project qualification, finance and construction. Our services cover the areas solar resource, technology and engineering as well as economics and finance.

Economics and Finance - Solar Investment Solutions

Suntrace's products and services in Economics and Finance cover a broad range of topics from regulatory environment and market assessment to project specific financial planing.

  • Deal Sourcing including comprehensive market studies, investment advisory, business case development, market sounding, project identification, Mergers & Acquisition

  • Development Services including red-flag and fatal flaw report, feasibility study, financial yield, O&M selection, EPC selection

  • Deal Execution and Investment including raising debt and equity, transaction support, financial structuring, project documentation, financial closing

    Technology and Engineering - Technical Advisory Services

    Suntrace's products cover photovoltaic systems (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP) as well as hybrid and storage solutions based on a comprehensive experience from more than 4 GW of solar power plant credentials in more than 25 countries.

    • Project Specific Engineering including energy yield assessment, feasibility studies, technical due diligence, functional technical specifications, tender process and contract negotiations support, EPC and O&M supervisory
    • Modelling and Simulation including thermodynamic cycles, plant topology, energy storage and fossil firing, transients, electrical and physical system optimization, 3D shading scene, battery and diesel hybrid, technical drawings and single line diagram
    • Techno-Economic Optimization including in-house financial modelling, comprehensive multi-dimensional optimization, sensitivity analysis

    Solar Resource - Meteorological Services

    Suntrace's meteorological services include site screening, initial and full solar resource assessment, bankable expert opinion and on-site measurement solutions with HelioScale stations jointly development with Wilmers Messtechnik GmbH.

    • Site Screening and Selection and Solar Resource Assessments including assessment of multiple satellite sources, long-term time series, ground measurements, comprehensive risk assessment
    • On-Site Measurement Solutions including installation and commissioning, site maintenance and remote station operation, data validation, monthly and annual reporting, measurement campaigns