Markets & Fundamentals

Fundamental for solar projects are reliable and viable off-take agreements and political stability. In this sense, each market provides a specific environment: boundary conditions, market perspectives and licensing of projects are different.

Suntrace has backgrounds and experience in established and emerging solar markets. We have offices and partners in a number of relevant markets to efficiently support stakeholders from industry, finance, institutions and governments.

Suntrace is positioned as

  • Technology neutral - PV or CSP or Hybrid, dispatchable power solutions

  • Independent - no general tie-up with manufacturers and suppliers  

  • Expert - covering regulatory topics, solar resource, technology, economics, finance

  • Established - with international and regional network





    Suntrace capabilities are

    • Evaluation of specific markets (regulatory aspects, project development approach, financing options)
    • Origination of viable business cases - competitive and durable solutions
    • Evaluation of available and applicable technologies (maturity, market players, cost estimates, ...)
    • Conceptual Engineering and layout of projects (solar, hybrid with fossil, captive industry concepts, etc.)
    • Full project development service from concept to bankability
    • Strong partnerships with investors and banks