Suntrace India

India has emerged within short time as very ambitious player among the global markets for solar (PV and CSP), supported by its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, planning 22 GW in solar power by 2022, being one the largest national solar programs among the emerging solar markets. Additional programs for R&D, large-scale demonstration projects, state level schemes and a very comprehensive solar mapping activity shall support this mission. India has excellent solar resources in terms of GHI, and good but not world leading direct beam solar resources. Regions with the highest solar resources are largely in Rajasthan, Gujarat plus Jammu and Kashmir, however plans are to install solar energy across the whole country.

Suntrace has entered the Indian market in 2010, and started to support first projects in preparation for Phase-1 of national solar mission. Suntrace has extended its activities since, being involved as independent expert in several PV and CSP projects along the project development, implementation and construction phases.

In particular determination of solar resources with high accuracy has been a major obstacle for India's solar projects, as a lack of ground-based measurement data led to high uncertainties, even related to GHI.

Suntrace experts are involved in the initiative taken by the Indian Government to overcome this obstacle, advising, through "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)" the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Institute C-WET in the SolMap (Solar Mapping and Benchmarking) project.

Through it's mandates, Suntrace gained a profound market knowledge regarding the Indian market, and thus is perfectly suited to transfer lessons learned from all of Suntrace experiences related to PV and CSP to India, enhanced with German accuracy.

From Delhi, where Suntrace Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. headquarters is situated, Suntrace supports it's domestic and international Clients.

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