Suntrace Spain

Spain kickstarted the "Renaissance of the Solar Thermal Industry" by introducing an attractive Feed-In Tariff in 2006. Six years later, by the time of writing this text in 2012, the country has become a leader in the CSP sector. Of global solar thermal power capacity, over 70% are installed in Spain. Equally, the equipment and service industry has obtained a leading position: Spanish elements and equipment are being used in over 60% of global CSP plants under development or construction.

Managing Director Suntrace Prisma S.l. (Spain) - Max Strauss - with Suntrace founders Martin Schlecht and Boris Westphal

Suntrace's senior management and team members have personally been involved in this dynamic development in Spain from an early point in time. Our professionals have supplied solar resource assessments and expert opinions for the first wave of CSP projects in Murcia, Andalucia and Extremadura. Suntrace staff have set up project developments for up to 350 MW capacity in over seven different projects from a greenfield stage on, the first of starts operating in 2012.

Suntrace has a comprehensive overview on the Spanish CSP and PV market, its regulations, players and technologies. We have access to most of the relevant CSP players in Spain and support them either in their Spanish or international activities. We also assist foreign companies to find their way into the Spanish solar market and establish relationships with Spanish companies. Suntrace staff speak the language, understand the business culture and can draw on many years of experience in the most dominant CSP market for the time being.

From Madrid, where Suntrace Prisma headquarter is situated, Suntrace oversees our Spanish as well as also a good deal of our international projects. This ensures a lot of knowledge transfer from the spanish experiences to our international activities and clients.

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