Suntrace joins Dornier Group

15.05.2019 Category: News

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As per April 2019, Suntrace joined Dornier Group GmbH based in Berlin, who now owns Suntrace with a 50+% stake. Dornier Group has been created to provide a distinguished international consulting and solution provider for infrastructure. The group has a significant international track record on energy, water, mobility, real estate and aviation. With over EUR 80 MM turnover, Dornier Group has a strong presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Suntrace now enhances the group’s renewable energy expertise with its remarkable international track record and a highly qualified team. 

Quote Suntrace original shareholders: 
"We are excited about joining forces with Dornier Group. With Dornier Group, Suntrace multiplies its resources and regional presence in many relevant markets. In addition to our strong solar track record, Suntrace can from now on offer complex solutions such as solar combined with storage, wind, biomass and energy efficiency, with in-house resources. The market increasingly requires sustainable integrated, tailor-made solutions that exactly match customer’s energy demand patterns and cost requirements. With the Dornier Group resources, Suntrace can now draw on multiple sector expertise from under the same roof. Further, we see multiple cross-sector opportunities as the energy transition dynamically extends from clean electricity to sustainable heating and cooling, mobility and other sectors, which we will be able to cover with Dornier Group resources."

Please find Suntrace as usual in the web under www.suntrace.de. You will find Dornier Group here: www.dornier-group.com. All Suntrace contact details will remain the same.