IFC Scaling Solar Ethiopia - Technical, Environmental and Social Advisory

Ethiopia is the fourth country to join Scaling Solar. Ethiopia Electric Power signed an agreement with IFC to advise on tendering up to 500 MW of solar power under the initiative. Although Ethiopia has huge renewable energy potential it currently has a capacity shortage of 500 MW, with over 70% of its energy coming from hydropower. Solar power will help diversify Ethiopia’s energy mix and allow it to manage its water resources more effectively. This is vital bearing in mind the severe droughts that have afflicted the country. Scaling Solar will provide a quick to build, reliable complement to hydropower, drawing on Ethiopia’s irradiation levels of 1500 to 2000 kilowatt hours per square metre.

Suntrace in association with GAUFF Power International GmbH & Co. KG has been nominated as TA and E&S Advisor by IFC for the first round of the Scaling Solar Ethiopia projects. Kick-off meetings were held in Addis Ababa end of January 2017, followed by initial site visits. Subsequently the TA team prepares the technical basis for the first round of tendering for up to 200 MW through IFC for Ethiopia Electric Power, which is targeted to take place within this year.

The scope of the TA includes the detailed assessment of sites with respect to all required technical, environmental impact and social impact aspects and prepare the documents in support to IFC’s scaling solar tender package.