Scaling Solar Ethiopia - Resource Measurement Campaign

Suntrace not only contributes to the Scaling Solar Ethiopia project as Technical Advisor. Suntrace is also responsible for designing, commissioning and implementing of a solar measurement campaign including collection, transfer and dissemination of high quality solar irradiance measurements as well as other related meteorological measurements. Moreover, Suntrace provides data processing and delivers high quality monthly data reports. Furthermore, capacity building and trainings for the measurement stations are part of Suntrace┬┤s workload in this project.

More information about our HelioScale measurement series you will find here.

The measurement campaign in Ehtiopia is not the only measurement campaign Suntrace is implementing for the World Bank Group. Under the ESMAP program, Suntrace also conducts solar measurement campaigns in Vietnam and Bangladesh. ESMAP has allocated $22.5m in support of 12 country projects over a four-year period up to 2018, with the resources being mapped in each country dependent on needs and the budget available.

Please find more information on the ESMAP projects here.