Solmap - Solar Mapping and Monitoring for India

The lndian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) initiated the Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) project to provide investment grade bankable solar radiation data to the solar industry, project developers, decision and policy makers in financing institutions and also the scientific community.

SRRA has set up 120 automatic meteorological stations with solar radiation instruments fulfilling the highest commercially available standards across lndia. The SolMap project contributes to the SRRA project by establishing quality checks of the data, following international best practices, and further data processing as well as gap fitting.

Suntrace supported the project by the implementation of quality checks, data processing, solar radiation data product generation and analysis. Suntrace developed, adapted and improved advanced algorithms for quality checks, soiling correction and gap filling. Furthermore, an improved solar radiation atlas of India adapting ground measurements to satellite-derived solar radiation data was supplied within the project.

For more information visit: http://niwe.res.in/indian_solar_atlas.php