Technical Concept for Solar Process Heat

Development of a technical concept for a 100 MW hybrid CSP plant in the MENA region. The technical concept included an initial assessment of meteorological data for integration of solar power into conventional process heat application for an enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

The client wanted a technical concept for the integration of solar energy into their enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process. This concept was analysed in a Feasibility study. The focus of the Feasibility study was a process simulation of the proposed integrated concentrating solar power (CSP) plant for the production of steam, power & fresh water from brackish water/sea water for an EOR.

For that purpose different CSP technologies were analysed to determine their suitability for the considered integrated CSP plant. The produced thermal energy - by solar field and diesel fired backup boiler - is used in different applications in the plant. Main energy is consumed by the steam production for EOR, oil well steam injection, heating steam for desalination unit producing, make-up water for steam cycle and mirror wash water, and live steam for a steam turbine.

Suntrace considered the interdependency of the different operating characteristics from the following systems: desalination, solar field, diesel fired steam generator, steam turbine and condenser cooling system. Suntrace optimised the power plant concept to efficiently generate the required energy supply, with the view to achieve a high solar share in steam generation at the lowest cost of steam.

At present, the client is implementing the first solar-enhanced oil recovery systems.