World Bank Energy Resource Mapping on the Maldives

This project is a World Bank project funded by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) and the Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE). Both are administered by the World Bank and supported by bilateral donors.

The ESMAP initiative aims to support country-driven efforts to improve renewable energy resource awareness, put in place appropriate policy frameworks for renewable energy development, and provide ‘open access’ to resource and geospatial mapping data.

Suntrace supports the solar resource mapping and geospatial planning for Maldives by implementing a ground-based measurement campaign using high quality solar measurement devices for the purpose of supporting the development and operation of solar power infrastructure. The measurement device is equipped with real-time data transmission and reporting.

The delivery of high quality solar resource measured data is needed for validation of solar resource models. Key to this effort is the focus on reducing uncertainty of the models, thereby reducing financial and technical risk during implementation of Photovoltaic solar power plants. The second objective is to build a network of solar measuring stations and to implement a long-term and sustainable solar resource monitoring program.

For this project Suntrace provides extensive services including the installation, erection and commissioning of the measurement equipment, remote station operation and regular data analysis and capacity building.