Economics & Finance - Solar Investment Solutions

Suntrace advises on solar markets and projects and has an integrated approach with essential project development. Suntrace provides the essential resources to reach bankability as well as an extensive track record in developing viable business models and financing solutions in dynamic market environment. Multiple decades of hands-on management experience led to over 5 bn USD capital (debt & equity) raised for power plants in over 10 emerging markets.

Deal Sourcing

Suntrace services enhance your own reach to originate and develop attractive solar projects into bankability and investability, on a highly cost-efficient basis to fit your investment criteria.

For Greenfield we provide comprehensive market studies, investment advisory, business case development, pre-feasibility studies, project development strategy and deal identification.

For Brownfield we provide market sounding, project identification, project qualification, local partner search joint development agreements as well as mergers & acquisition.

Mandated Project Development Service

Suntrace provides an international team of financial, technical and meteorological experts to provide best practice development, management and support. Specialised in dynamically evolving market environments, our systematic approach reduces risk, increases development efficiency and focuses on the best way to reach project bankability and investment realisation. We provide red-flag and fatal flaw reports, a detailed feasibility study, solar resource assessments as well as technical concepts. We identify missing elements for investability or bankability and offer a financially optimised O&M, energy & financial yield and EPC selection.

Deal Execution & Investment

Suntrace has many years of experience in commercial & financial negotiations that have secured bankable & investable projects. Suntrace professionals can look back on a personal track record of over 4 000 MW conventional and renewable energy projects developed, financed, constructed and operated in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Our services include raising equity for the development, construction and operation phases, transaction support, terms and conditions and negotiation, raising debt for construction and operation, debt financing strategy and transaction structuring, negotiation process support and financial closing.