Solar Resource - Meteorological Services

Suntrace provides sophisticated on site measurement solutions with HelioScale stations jointly developed by Suntrace GmbH and Wilmers Messtechnik GmbH. Our cost-effective meteorological assessments from high- level project screening to bankable expert opinions are for PV and CSP projects. We achieve a reduction of uncertainties through our step-wise solar resource assessment approach providing a trustful base for the entire project development.

Solar Resource Assessments

For PV and CSP projects, the highest source of uncertainties is that of Solar Resource. During the early stages of project development, the solar resource uncertainty from initial investigations can reach 10% and more. Through our step-wise solar resource assessment approach, and in particular through our on site measurement solutions, the solar resource uncertainties can be significantly reduced. This mitigative approach in turn increases the solar irradiation P90 value, and establishes a reliable and trustworthy base that is crucial for the bankability and investability of the project.

On Site Measurements

With our partner Wilmers Messtechnik GmbH, we provide the HelioScale measurement stations ensuring a reliable foundation for solar project development and operation. We offer high quality measurement solutions focusing on compact and efficient design. Our team has installed more than 40 solar measurement stations and supervised more than 150 stations worldwide. Services we provide are installation and commissioning, site maintenance and remote station operation, data validation and quality assurance, monthly and annual reporting, project specific solutions for solar radiation, ambient conditions, soiling, corrosion and wind measurements and measurement campaigns for market development