Technology & Engineering - Technical Advisory

Suntrace provides a holistic approach by combining meteorological, technical and economical expertise, all under one roof. Our advisory services range from initial concept to full realisation covering the whole spectrum of PV and CSP applications including hybrid and storage systems. We provide sophisticated tools and in-house modelling solutions for performance simulation and techno-economic optimisation. Our whole team offers comprehensive experience from more than 4 GW of solar power plant credentials in more than 30 countries.

Project Specific Engineering

Suntrace offers a holistic approach by combining the required expertise for the meteorological, technical and economical aspects of a solar project, all under one roof. Our team has dedicated itself to move our clients projects successfully towards realisation. Besides the complete solar project development service, we can provide individual support to project specific requirements, including: Site assessment, Solar resource assessment, Energy yield assessment, Feasibility study, Conceptual engineering, Techno-economic optimisation, Technical due diligence, Functional technical specifications, Tender process and contract negotiation support and EPC and O&M supervisory.

Modelling and Simulation

Suntrace offers sophisticated tools and in-house modelling solutions for PV, CSP and hybrid solar power plant performance simulation. The technology selection, plant configuration, operating strategy and implementation strategy has to be assessed for each project individually, taking into account the specific boundary conditions.

•  Modelling of thermodynamic cycles
•  Flexible plant topologies
•  Individual operating strategies
•  Energy storage and fossil co-firing
•  Start-up and shut down procedures
•  Transients including warm-up losses

•  Electrical and physical
system optimisation
•  3D shading scene
•  Battery or diesel hybrid
•  Technical drawings and single line diagram

Techno-Economic Optimisation

Besides the technical expertise, Suntrace can draw on over 5 bn USD power plant financing experience. For each business case evaluation, we develop a taylor-made financial model, which is crucial to find the optimal plant configuration during the techno-economic optimisation. We are using an in-house financial model for project finance and have an automated linkage between the technical and the financial model. We optimise towards the lowest cost of energy considering hurdle rates for return and provide a comprehensive multi- dimensional optimisation of plant parameters with a design of experiment methods. In addition our sensitivity analysis helps us by taking various technical and financial parameters into consideration.